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music videos high quality

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Music videos | Video Clips | Promos | VOB format.

High Quality Music Videos Which Will Have You Coming Back For More.

There is an entire world of excellent High Quality Music Videos and Collectable out there for the music afficianado. Yet, it’s difficult to track down older, rare or out of print copies of videos by your favorite artists. Don’t waste your time online, just find them here.

VoxFiles is the place for you to get Video Clips in VOB format. If it’s hard to find Music Videos, it’s probably easy to find on VoxFiles.

We have all kinds of high quality music content for the avid fan or collector. Look for early artist videos, videoclips from live concerts, remixes of popular favorites and even post your own recordings; as long as the following criteria apply to your music videos of high quality, good music and great sound.

No matter the genre, we are open to all. Post indie bands. Seek club videos of your favorite punk rockers. Find old black and white recordings from 50s and 60s. If you are looking for it try us. Those looking to offer their high quality music videos can do so easily. Just submit the name of your videos with our online copy-paste system, or send me an e-mail. If you don’t have the content posted, but want to let people know you’re willing to make a deal, fill me in. is the online collector site for all types and genres of music videos VOB HQ. We’ll link it, post your ad to seek or offer, and help you find like-minded music video collectors. This is the place for you to get High Quality, Out Of Print, Rare & Hard To Find Music Videos VOB.

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